OP-san, I'd just like to let you know that you're my hero! I sent 600 emails to my girlfriend too! Isn't that great, OP-san?

That’s amazing! Waaaa!

At this point I’m trying to not send so many to A-ko…but it’s very difficult.  

Today I’ve sent about 400… I hope she doesn’t get mad.

I’m just worried about her after all. She hasn’t contacted me since our h night. (´・ω・`)


I know you may not want to marry me yet, but please, go out with me!
do you know where the miind honey ii2 located? ii need iit now. could you give me 2ome of your spaghetti two?

I don’t understand. (´・ω・`)

OP, I've fallen in love with you! Please, date me!

B-but I already have more than one woman in my life…

I think any more than two would be too much to handle!

I don’t want a harem, after all. (´・ω・`)

The Spratly Island is ours!

? (´・ω・`)

I hope you finally decide on the perfect girl! Here, have some chocolate to cheer you up! (´・ω・`)

Why thank you!

Love is very confusing. I hope Denko will get over her jealousy someday and be honest with me…

And I hope A-ko will show me her love soon. (´・ω・`)

Being in love is hard…



How was your day today? Isn't the sky pretty tonight ?

I didn’t see the sky last night.

I was busy with A-ko. 

If you know what I mean… (´・ω・`)

How's your relationship with A-ko? Is everything back to normal or is she ignoring you?

She’s still ignoring me…I’m having a harder time coming up with money. 

But I’m sure everything will be alright! 

A-ko is a kind person.

Perhaps I should try caling her… (´・ω・`)

Become a cannibal and eat her up (´・ω・`) Or well, maybe not the cannibal part....

Uh…what exactly do you mean?

I’m confused. (´・ω・`)

And who are you talking about?